12' hoop bender is mounted; do you want bend some metal and make a hoop house?

So, I decided to build a hoop house to extend my growing season. I bought a hoop bender from Bootstrap Farmer. Mine is the heavy-duty version, and does the 12’ hoops.

It almost took longer to mount the thing than it did to actually bend the hoops.

The hoops are made of 10’ sections of chain-link fencing top rail. This is 1 3/8" galvanized metal tube, with one end swaged. You need two ten-foot sections for each hoop, and the hoops are placed 4 feet apart.

Video here:

In any case, my bender is still up - it’s mounted between two trees on my property, in Montpelier. I thought I’d offer the use of the bender to anybody that was also interested in building a 12’ wide hoop house (you can make it as long as you want - just keep adding hoops) - just let me know, come on by, and bend. I’ll even guide you through the process (it’s not hard, just a little fussy). You can also see a completed example! (Note that this bender will only make 12’ wide hoops - if you want a different width, you need a different bender.)

I’ll leave it up for another week, then if I don’t hear anything, I’ll take it down.


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