2 Aluminatus 3d printers available to a good home!

My friend John Bondy has 2 older Aluminatus 3D printers that he’s generously offering to a good home. Both printers will need some work to get going and he’d like to give them both to the same person. Please let me know if you’re interested. Jon Writes:

My first serious 3D printer was an Aluminatus. It has a 12"x12"x12"
build volume with lead screws driving all 3 axes. It is big and heavy
and loud. As a backup, I purchased 2 used Aluminati, which I never
really used. They were there for spare parts. They are not modern
machines: they lack newer features like auto bed leveling, but once I
set them up, they ran for quite a while without needing adjustment. I
have printed mostly PLA, but also Cheetah (a kind of TPU).
I would like to donate them (along with all of my 3 mm filament) to a
single location. These will be project machines. They will not work
perfectly as delivered, but they have the promise of being work horses
if someone takes the time to fiddle with them.
They are not plug-and-play, so if (someone from) Generator took them, it would be with an eye towards someone taking them on as a project.

They are big and heavy, so I would prefer to find a new home locally,
rather than trying to ship them somewhere.

Let me know what you think


@johncohn I’m in the process of building my 3rd and 4th printers and probably wouldn’t be able to get these in working condition for a while but I would definitely add them to my print farm if he’s offering. I live in Essex and could pickup or meet at Generator.


Not sure my last post went through. Have you been able to contact Jon Bondy jon [email protected] about the Aluminatus ?

I only saw one post, I will reach out, thanks!

Thanks for the tip @johncohn, all 3 of Jon Bondy’s Aluminatus printers live with me now. I’m excited to rebuild them and give them a new life!