3d Scanners?

Howdy Folks,

I was chatting with a member today who has some objects he is looking to scan. Does anyone know of anyone in the Generator or Larger community who has a setup for this?


from what I can tell, the best thing on the market right now is still a new Iphone with LIDAR. I’ve done scanning with an Xbox Kinect, but it doesn’t seem to be more accurate.

Watching this post :eyes:… I’ve never done this but would love to know more

Also for reference the objects are about the size of a loaf of bread (a couple are larger).

It really depends on the level of detail of the object, and it’s material properties. LIDAR is based on reflecting infrared, and thus, getting accurate scans of metal objects can be very challenging (some people coat the object with a diffuse coating of something to make it work).

Higher details will be lost, and things with intricate patterns will be lost too. Larger objects are picked up better.

This is to scan plaster sculptures, so both laser and IR should work. didn’t know if folks had a rig with a software package that can automate some of the ‘stitching’ process.

I has a fun little Next Engine Scanner at SMC and the software could be set up to do a pretty good job of automating the finish work and you could also ‘force’ it to make a ‘watertight’ rendering of the object.

ah yes, I don’t personally have a 3k setup with that level of fidelity haha- that would be the ideal setup! (and it’d be pretty cool if we had one here too)

I say it is time for a new member build! The below link is to a simple open source 3D scanner. This might not have the umph to get the job done but it seems low hanging fruit not to try.

I am not sure Generator has decided to restart the Member Build budget but looking at the hardware requirements and the like I am confident I have everything we need and am happy to fill in what we dont have.

1.The next steps would be to slightly modify/redesign the scanner . . . gantry?. . . the spanning piece that holds the item to be scanned, such that it can hold something the size of a loaf of bread.

  1. Next figure out the BOM and get missing parts on the way

  2. Get the wiring diagram sorted

  3. Print the parts we can print

  4. Assemble!

I think I will use the next Electronics Meet Up to get this thing up and running. So if we have some interest I will hope to see you Nov 7 6pm at the Generator. This will be a meet up so non-members are welcome!

If somebody cannot wait they could start trying to get item 1 figured out.


This is a great project concept Gary! Good thoughts- I wonder if we’ll need the IPhone specifically for the scanning? I have some extra devices laying around, but they probably don’t have that equipment hah- It seems like DSLRs are also a direction that could be taken. is a DSLR something generator has? Seems like it’d be a good investment as well for a large number of reasons.

// Robin

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I think we can keep it simple for now and use any random phone camera. Once we get it working then we can chat upgrades. Not that I am opposed to upfront goodness, just dont want to bog the project down sourcing hard to find/expensive components.

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Geez, I was about to go post an electronics meetup and figured I’d check back here to confirm the data and noticed it was in the past that I suggested that we meet


So the actual date is the 7th of Dec
I will post a meet up announcement in a bit too

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