45 degree cut on laser? Wanna make a Jig?

I want to explore cutting angles with the laser. Miter or Bevel
2 reasons: 1. I lost my woodshop certification because I let my membership expire over 1.5 yrs because of the pandemic. 2. I am afraid of cutting off my fingers so Laser + Joanne = all my fingers.

  1. Does the new laser cut angles?
    (Assuming that it cannot…)
  2. Anyone have experience, ideas, or want to assist me make a jig for the laser?


Since the laser only cuts on the Z axis it looks like you’ll need to make a jig for the piece to rest on at 45 degrees while it cuts. You could probably make a jig by lasering a couple right angle triangles and figure out some sort of rest or fend so the pieces doesn’t slide while cutting. Only other issue I’d see is focusing laser in a way where it doesn’t come in contact with the material.

Sorry, I didn’t see your response! Yes, that is what I thought and what the online tutorials suggest. Wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in exploring this.

I don’t have much need for a laser miter jig, but I’d be more than happy to make a couple cuts in the woodshop for you next time I’m there.

That being said something like this might work. A 45 degree back with a sliding fence you can adjust for different material thicknesses.

This sounds like a fun idea and I dont want to stifle it but please keep in mind the overall height of the jig should always be lower than the laser focus height to avoid any crashes.