About the Subculture Corner category

A place for various Generator subcultures to hold group related conversations.

Next steps here, are that each of the categories need descriptions and one-lines:

  • A One line that shows up on the forum next to the name (describing it) and
  • A more in depth paragraph summary that can describe the purpose when someone visits

Are we working on integrating the calendar yet?

Hi Gary-

That requires a plugin, which means someone with greater expertise than i to implement it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know; but i didnt want to risk accidentally breaking the website…

I mean right now breaking it would not spell disaster. I will have a looksee to figure out what it might entail

My only fears are personal, in that I couldn’t get my own home server working after i broke it, and gave up after hours of struggling. If someone else feels more comfortable and confident in working with that kind of thing, I’d love to work with them on it.


I’d like a way to change my password–not evident to me that I can use something I can remember, as opposed to the one generated for me.

Hi Ty!

I’m looking into this: there used to be an easy way to change the password, but i think in the reformatting of the website/forum- it got lost. It Should be connected to your generator member account- so it will be a change to the main website itself. Sorry we can’t be of immediate help, but I’ll let you know when we get that working!