Adviceo on getting Arcylic for Cutting/Engraving

I have a few projects I’d like to do with acrylic, but I’m a little unsure on where to start. For now I am just playing/experimenting, and I’d like to try different thicknesses and colors, and compare extruded to cast.

I see that Vermont Plastic Specialties in WIlliston stocks acrylic sheets in various widths, but offers them only in 4x8’ sheets. I haven’t visited so I don’t know if they have a ‘scrap/trim’ pile where I might find small pieces.

I thought maybe a craft store would be good, but Michael’s doesn’t stock it anymore, and you can I’m not going to Hobby Lobby in Central Vermont for reasons you probably can guess. Lowes stocks only 0.08" to 0.2" stuff (for picture framing and “sneeze guards” I’m guessing)

I suppose that leaves me Amazon, I’d rather buy local, or at least a local branch of a chain rather than from the giant crappy monopoly that is Amazon.

Any advice or tips appreciated. Thanks.


Far from carbon neutral, but neither are plastics themselves.
I get all kinds of bits and bobbed plastics from there, as smaller and specialist plastic companies use it to compete under it’s folded search.

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Hi Russell, it’s definitely worth giving VPS a call, they have some scrap and are quite nice. Sometimes they’ll have random pieces of things that you won’t necessarily find on their website, and they’ve even been known to throw in a small piece of scrap or sheet of adhesive backing for free if it seems too complicated to put a price on…

Thanks @skunk and @NateWalpole. I got some small pieces of acrylic at VPS and will start working with that. Checking out Ebay, too, which has some good stuff. And I just bumped into @EricRoy who suggested I check out Johnson Plastics ( ) and they seem to have a lot of cool stuff for what I’m hoping to do.