[April 2020] Member nite!

Hi Everyone!

The results of the poll are that most people can ‘meet’ tomorrow night-

Luckily, Generator has a Zoom account, and we’ll be hosting it here:

When: 7:00pm, Tuesday April 14th.

Tomorow night, at 7:00pm, (or a little before at least), we’ll let the Zoom link go live, and you should be able to join then. We’ll wait a couple minutes for people to join.
There will be an e-mail about this going out as well tomorrow- Thanks for staying involved!

If there’s anything you’re interested in bringing up, you’re welcome to post it here or just wait till then.


Thank You Robin! This is great news. I am wondering about how to be more interactive in the Forum as members. 1. Is it easy to get up to speed helping on Wiki editing? 2. Can members work more collaborativly on projects online? For example you can invite people to create youtube videos about these projects. Just where my mind has been going lately.
Thanks Again! See you tomorrow night all!

  1. There is definitely work that can be done for the wiki. There are wiki pages on our previous wiki that need to be transferred to this one. That will require mostly copy paste and formatting, but some of them could utilize being further expanded upon.

  2. I don’t see why not. We do have a section on this Forum called ‘Projects’ for just such an idea. I think like all Generator projects, those things will need a spiritual guide, some money, and time; I think more people could get on the forum as well- we’ll see what changes need to made once it’s utilized or lack-thereof-?

I like the youtube idea! Don’t see why not- I think it just relies on where our community is at- and I think we’ll have a better idea of that tomorrow during member nite-


Thank you Robin. I appreciate the reply you shared!

The zoom link for the 3/14 meeting in the email is not correct:

That is a different meeting. Member Night is currently under way

THANK YOU! for showing up! It was lovely to see everyone!

Here are the notes I took for the meeting- they might be missing some things, so feel free to tag on if you remembered something specific!


  1. What is happening at Generator right now?
    • Generator produces 1000 face shields- on peoples heads!
    • Another purchase order from the state for another 1000
    • Intubation boxes!
    • Headbands, designed by prusa-
    • Non-profit style business-
    • around 10 people in there at a time, two shifts, 7 days a week.
    • Up too 200 a day with Beta’s print farm-
    Eric from M&E are both feet in –
    • Meg H has been getting interviewed ! First day off from production- now thinking about classes, mentors, mentees, etc.
    • Lily Noodle, Alex Hall, Alec, Eric Roy, Ezra, Elliot,
    • Two people from ECCO- Christine and another employee.

  2. What do we want to do with this meeting style / ongoing?
    • Online class workflow?
    ◦ Matt has been going remote,
    ◦ Screencastify?
    ◦ ZOOM??
    ◦ Education through Zoom-
    ◦ Whiteboard? For interactive teaching?
    :black_small_square: Alex has mainly been putting together video assignments
    :black_small_square: Mike has been doing Remote work for a while anyways-
    :black_small_square: 80 people in a chat doesn’t work so well-
    :black_small_square: Miro.com is something OVR has been checking out.
    :black_small_square: Zoom has a whiteboard-
    :black_small_square: Skype also has a built in whiteboard.
    :black_small_square: Google docs?
    • Recording?
    ◦ Class video isn’t indexed-
    ◦ Easier to ask someone else, etc. recording is heavy.

  3. Forum?
    • Moderation-
    • User Design changes?
    ◦ Google groups- Michael metz has opportunity announcements.
    ◦ Mike had posted something for inspiration, but it got moved to Projects-
    ◦ Don’t want to see things getting lost.
    • When you go into the forum now, it shows up as latest-
    ◦ Sort by category instead.
    ◦ Maybe change the default address?
    ◦ General is Discussion- consolidate.
    ◦ Open a category for “shops”
    :black_small_square: To separate categories by shops or not?
    ◦ Tags vs. Categories
    ◦ Matt-
    :black_small_square: Dealing with a forum-
    • First impression is whether it’s text based or visual
    • Icons
    :black_small_square: Latest is not ideal.
    ◦ Suggestions on more content?
    • Expanding on shops
    ◦ Discussions
    :black_small_square: What do we need-
    ◦ Ask Generator / Ask a member
    ◦ “Members” name needs a change
    ◦ Call to artist be separate-
    • Materials- where to source and locate?
    ◦ Wiki page?
    • 3 forums
    ◦ google groups, slack, forums.
    • Christine’s E-mail link was incorrect?
    ◦ Emails a failure in this context.

Money towards Generator
• small business loan: 2000 to generator
• you can still donate to keep generator going.
• BT ???