April 2020: Should we have a member night? Would people be interested in a conference call?

Hi Generator!

Next Tuesday would normally be our member nite event. Would people be interested in communicating over a group call of some sort? If there’s interest, I’ll see what I can do to establish this.

Please vote, please ask others who are not in the forum yet if they’re interested (And invite them to the forum !)

  • I’m interested!
  • Tuesday night won’t work, but I’m interested
  • Not interested

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Robin, thanks for getting this all going and keeping it going while we all figure out what what is.


Hi Robin,

I haven’t been able to log in to the member portal for a while. Who should I contact for help with it?


Hi Jody-

If you can’t remember your password, but you can remember your e-mail, I believe you click “Request Password” in the sign in [Here]

If you’re still having problems resetting your information, I’d try contacting Christine or another administrator at Generator.

Hi Robin,

A member nite is our nite to be members! If there is a way to do this so we can share on the forum I believe it would be great. Thank you!


TNX Robin. Password reset doesn’t work. I’ll check w/ Christine.

Jon smiling

Welcome John!

I don’t know what to do. Nothing on my email about a zoom meeting yet. gotta go out to have dinner now.

There will be a zoom meeting tomorrow, i’ll make a formal post about it