Atist Talk Opportunity

Hello Generators,

We have a great opportunity to hear Artist Talk: Sore Mouth Swore: Estetania Puerta (our last maker in residence) The talk is via Zoom April 15th (this Wednesday) at 2:00 PM via Burlington City Arts. Ask for Colin if you call to register tomorrow.


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Do you have any link, or method for contact in regards to this event?

Info Here sore-mouth-swore 

Here to Register

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Gratitude Gary! I just read a great piece in The Atlantic this morning “Fine Motor Skills” in the April edition. The reality of Estefania’s work relates to the importance of vital skill sets in manufacturing as well as art. I love the connection in the beautiful photographs of the intricately made motors and the artisty that maker/artist Estefania shares. So grateful for our community!