Big Build Clean Up by End of Week!

Hey y’all!

It’s that time of the month…Big Build Clean-Up time! If you have a project or materials in the Big Build space that have been there for a while or have an overdue pickup date, please clear them out ASAP!

We have a very cool event with our Fall Artist-in-Residence, Menghan Wang, happening in our backyard and woodshop entrance on Friday the 20th from 5-9pm. Having that area as clear as possible would be a huge help prior to the event. Thanks everyone!


I had to travel for work last week, and I missed this message about the big-build clean up. I had some really important items in the big build area that are gone now. I didn’t like leaving them there, but some were large, some were heavy. Is there a way to get them back? I have been working really hard on these the last few weeks.

  • 5 partially finished knives that range in total length from about 1 foot to 8 inches. They were in a white carboard box. I spent a looot of time hot forging these out of old truck springs and then grinding their primary bevels.
  • 1 steel tank roughly 1 foot in diameter and two feet in length. The exterior is pained a dull green-like color. I had just cut it open, removed the rubber lining from the top portion, and removed the heavy rust.
  • 1 V-shaped steel tube assembly, roughly 2.5 inches in diameter and about three feet long on one side of the vertex and about 1.5-feet long on the other side of the vertex. It is welded heavily al the joint, as it has served as practice for a lot of MIG welding at different angles.

Good morning Patrick,

I apologize for any stress this may have caused you, that certainly was not our intention. Because your project pieces weren’t labeled, we weren’t sure who we needed to contact to let them know we had moved them into storage.

Menghan had her Artist in Residence installation show in the big build space, this past weekend, so we stored them all in the big red container.

I’ll make sure to pull them out this morning, label them, and leave them where they were in the big build area. You may find it helpful to rent a locker to store the pieces you’re working on, even if it’s just for a month or two. We have a few different sizes that should suit your needs.


Mason Merriam
Director of Facilities and Operations