Bike Building

My name is Kai and I am posting to the forum as one of this year’s Maker Mentor program participants ( Cameron Russell, who is a staff member at Generator, is my mentor and we were talking about the possibility of me making a bike during the next year. The first part of our process is to figure out whether building a bike frame using the Metal Shop at Generator would be possible, and whether there are members of the Generator community that might be good resources. A couple of things that we also talked about were:

  • What type of metal / tubing should I use to build a frame? Aluminum? Steel?
  • What type of frame would be easiest to build - a lugged steel frame? a welded frame?
  • Do we need special brackets in order to hold the components of the frame in place for welding?
  • What should my first steps be in figuring out whether this project is possible?

If you or anyone you know could be a resource in helping me build a bike frame at Generator, please let me know on the forum or by email at [email protected] or reach out to Cameron at [email protected]

Thank you very much!


Are you committed to metal? The challenge with using metal is the welding. Looks like there are successful wood frame builds using cnc routing, which I think would be hugely more doable. For instance: