Bike outside?


Does anyone know whom the bike outside of the Miller center parking lot entrance belongs to? If it isn’t anyone’s, I’d like to post it to lost and found bikes on FB.


P.s. it looks so sad outside trapped in the snow. It needs a hat and scarf.

Hi yes this bike has a funny story… I found it in the dumpster at the other entrance of generator and left it by the bike rack with the intention of trying to fix it up and then it got stolen (borrowed?) and now it’s back but at the other entrance…


Hello, I saw the bike by the dumpsters back in the summer, and it had been there for weeks/months(?), so I took it home in October also with the intention of fixing it, to ride in the winter (haven’t fixed it, but it’s rideable). I have been riding it frequently—to and from Generator and sometimes to Shelburne. However, I left it at Generator some night last week because the sidewalks were particularly icy, my headlamp died, and I had to carry materials home.

My apologies. I was not aware the bike had an owner as it was by the dumpsters and the tires were warped, rusty, and sun-damaged. @jos, I assume you would like it back; should I leave it there in the snow at the front entrance?

Oh! No you’re totally welcome to use it, seems like we had the same intentions :slight_smile: I mostly wanted to use it for practicing repairing, I wouldn’t even say it’s mine. It might be fun to fix it and keep it here as like a Generator communal bike. But it you’re in need of one I think you should keep it! And if you want help fixing it I’m happy to help/offer the little bit of knowledge I have


I love the idea that Generator would have a bicycle!