Bike Stand

Is there any interest in having a bicycle repair stand (e.g. Park) available for member use?


There is from me!!! I think it’d make a lot of sense to have a spot for members to do bike tune ups, etc., but I’d also defer to folks like Alex Hahl and Elliott Katz, who may have a sense as to whether we have a space for it that would make sense.

I’m currently building wheels for a complete bike build with my high school mentee, and it’s been super fun. Has made me wonder whether we could have a bike stand and tools and possibly some classes on basic maintenance.


Burlington has a couple bike self fixing stations on the bike path. Since generator isn’t too far from the south end bike path, I wonder if there would be a way to get the city to install one of their self fixing stations outside of generator’s Sears Ln entrance? I believe the city does own the property next to generator. Perhaps a collaboration in which generator members could build a roof shelter over it? And do some customizing to make it more than what the city currently offers.

The south end is a big biking community. I imagine you could also generate community interest and support. And possibly apply for grants


I’d be happy to help out with any member build activities surrounding this. When I lived in Burlington, my bike was my primary means of transportation.

Great suggestion!

Does anyone know if Local Motion is the one that organizes the self serve stations? Might be a great partnership regardless.


Whoops. Tried posting this yesterday, but it just kicked back:

I would be in support of a bike stand living in Generator (provided we can find a suitable spot for it). I think going further and buying tools/having a more formalized station (indoors or out) would be a bigger discussion. I’ve actually reached out to Local Motion about this and they pointed out that the South End City Market already has a “Fixit Station” and they’re not too far away. Those sturdy, professional level stations cost around $1000 to $2000.

This kinda sparks for me a conversation about what we can do for better bike infrastructure in general. I don’t ever drive to Generator unless I’ve used the carshare to pickup and drop off some lumber. In the winter I mostly walk/bus (Pine street is miserable to bike in the winter), and in the warmer months (just about now until it snows) I bike. The bike rack out back gets the job done, but as we think about growth and expansion, keeping in mind alternate modes of transport would be really great.

We as a city need to continue moving aggressively toward active and public transit, but one small way we can help is by making Generator an easy “destination” for those modes (especially bikes, with our location next to the bike path, and the expected renovations to Pine street in the coming years). Our membership is spread out across the state but for those that live close by, making Generator more accessible by non-car transportation should be something we consider moving forward.

I’d love to see the bike racks moved to the greenspace under a canopy. I have some metal sheeting and other bric-a-brac I’d be willing to donate to a build.

Sam brings up a good point. People may be more likely to work on their bike at CityMarket as they can also get food there and it is up the street from Oakledge park.
Maybe start small by making a bike fix it kit or locker and designate a covered space outside.

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Hey All - I’m definitely in support of bike parking (covered would be even better!), but having tools and a stand that are inside and with good lighting is really somewhat key. As someone who spends a considerable amount of time tinkering with my bike on the bike stand bolted to my basement floor, I would worry that an outdoor setup is going to be limited and less appealing for those who actually need to perform any real service on their bike. I think whether or not there is space is absolutely a question, and maybe there just isn’t room! But I know I would not be super likely to use an outdoor bike stand/station any more than I’d use a multi-tool that lives on my bike - many of the pumps/tools that are found at the outdoor stations become rusted and don’t work due to being outside all year… Seems that if Generator deems there to be need and that there is room for it, having an indoor spot would offer the most to the member community. Hope this makes sense!

I think there is a difference between doing a minor repair on the bike path, vs. more substantial work that is best done in a “shop”. Personally, I’m thinking more along the lines of a shop with some tools, which at generator would be a resource that isn’t available elsewhere.