Can someone help?!

Hi all! I took a basics/intro to electronics class with y’all and learned a ton. Now, I need some help! I work for Vermont early mobility - where we modify power wheels cars for kids with developmental delay or a medical diagnosis that might impact how they move. So we are trying to make kids friendly ways to explore power mobility (instead of a wheelchair). We use joysticks and this one (image attached) isn’t working. Can someone help?! Thanks!

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I’d be happy to help!

We can schedule to meet up sometime or it might be fun to try and puzzle it out right here in the forum too. Do you have a multimeter of some sort?


This is essentially this schematic, ignoring the SW piece and the colors might be off a bit.

If you have a meter we would start by measuring from the outside pin, either Vcc or GND and the inner pin labeled VRY or RVX. All we would be looking for is that it varies the Ω reading on the meter when you move the joy stick.

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