Clean Energy Opportunity - Gismopower - Solar Carport

Hey Folks!
Wanted to highlight this exciting venture, Gismopower, which is seeking individuals and businesses to partner with in hosting a pilot of their innovative solar-collector carport system. This is a 9.72KW Mobile Electricity Generating Appliance (MEGA), that they are striving to deploy for residences in Vermont this year.

Electric vehicles are great, but they are also NOT REQUIRED in order to utilize the energy generation capabilities of this system!

Depending on the location, the whole installation can be as simple as setting up a carport kit in your driveway (DIY options, little or no permitting, avoids labor shortages and developer waitlists). This opportunity applies both to homeowners and renters, who would immediately start reaping the benefits of generating their own clean energy for personal use and reaping the reward of cutting their utility bills.

The team has already deployed this system in 3 other states, and now hopes to bring this great opportunity to Vermont where they believe the MEGA can help enable greater access to the benefits of distributed home energy generation for LMI families, renters, and other individuals who may have historically encountered barriers to participating in the clean energy space.

It’s a scrappy family venture born of innovators, now funded with backing from the DOE. They’re building a great product (literally out of their garage) and have their heart set on making an impact in helping individuals and families to live more sustainably into the future.

I know there are a lot of motivated and climate-conscious folks here at the Generator, and I’d love to hear your suggestions if you might know of anyone in Vermont who is interested in the benefits of solar but has perhaps been stymied by some of these hurtles in the past, or is seeking an easier route to energy independence than other solutions currently offer.

The Gismopower team may also be seeking to work with local installers for this project, or even simply handy individuals with assembly/electronics and wiring experience to assist in the piloting of these systems in Vermont.

Please reach out if interested in any aspect of this, and thanks!

Very cool!