CNC project files?

I use for 3D printed stuff. There are a lot of projects there for those that have (or have access to) a 3D printer.

What are some equivalent websites for CNC projects?


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Looks like Inventables has the startings of such a site here:

However, these projects are linked to their somewhat proprietary software called Easel, typically used with the shapeoko or other ‘desktop’ routers. It does look like you can export a .zip file including the SVG or DXF (2D file). Then you could bring the 2D file into VCarve or Fusion360 to generate GCODE for the CNC router.

Workflow for 3D printer: .STL 3D file -> Post Process using Prusaslicer/Cura/etc. to GCODE -> run GCODE on the printer to make your part.

Workflow for CNC router: .DXF or .SVG 2D file -> Post Process using VCarve or Fusion360 to GCODE -> run GCODE on the CNC router to make your part.

I’ll have to double check, but I think I remember folks mentioning that Vcarve might be able to take .STL’s.

I plan to play with that next time I am in the shop. I have a bunch of older designs in Fusion 360 that I hope to output on the new 2.5 axis router.

VCarve can accept .stl files just keep in mind that things designed to be 3D printed (Additive Manufacturing) are not always suitable for Subtractive Manufacturing