Curious about people's use of the Forum-

Hi folks!

I’m Interested in doing a little updates to the forum, maybe cleaning up the bar at the top, looking for category help, etc.

I’d like to first get a little research goin- do you mind answering these TWO questions? It will GREATLY help me to first figure out if this is necessary, and Ideally, if you’d like to share any thoughts as to why you answered the way that you have, please do so here!

Thank you so Kindly-


Do you Use the forum primarily through E-mail or in a web browser?

  • Browser
  • Email

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If you use the Browser, do you use it more on your phone or on a desktop?

  • Desktop
  • Phone

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I wasn’t totally sure for the first question how to answer…I primarily read folks’ posts via my emails. However, when I’m actually going to respond/post/interact, I do this via web browser.


That’s helpful, thanks!

Have you considered having a closed/members only Facebook group?
I know that forums tend to give more control, but just curious.

we actually did have a sort of “unofficial” facebook group years and years ago, but we had a lot of discussions about it. The reason for the forum wasn’t actually about moderation, but about accessibility. There are many people who don’t use facebook regularly, and the most common medium was E-mail. We used Google Groups primarily to fit this role until 2020 when we finally got our own Forum running. There are a bunch of discussions about it if you go waaaayyy back in the forum :slight_smile:


:person_raising_hand: I am not a Meta product. I really like the platform this forum runs on. Frankly my Generator membership remains active in hopes that activity on the forums picks up since I can’t really make the trip to Generator very often. I would love to see more events announced and logged (photos of the events, summaries, etc) on the forum since the calendar leaves a lot to be desired


I mainly use my email notifications to read new messages. I’m not sure how easy integration of an email reply would be but would use that if it was available. I’m a huge fan of the forum layout in general. I’ve seen this forum template being used for a lot of different forums these days and think it’s a really helpful but clean interface.

I would agree about the amount of participation that the forum gets, but hey I’m not really posting any of my projects to the forum so I’m part of the problem there. Having more of the informal meetups posted on the forum could be a good way of getting more people aware of some more of the comings and goings around the space


Like many, I use email to read new messages, but to to comment or respond I log in, almost always on a web browser (come to think of it this might be the only way do do so). I would rather like it if we could get new posts in a digest rather than as individual mail items (Front Porch Forum has an excellent UI in this regard, though they have far more resources than Generator)

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@Russell I think there is a way to do digest format in the user settings! Click on your icon in the top corner, click preferences, then click e-mail, and i believe there is a setting for digest.

@Evelios I believe there was a way to respond to e-mails by just replying… but it has to be the same email used, and we’ve had some issues with that working for most people… so definitely something to address…

thank you all for the feedback- truly truly and keep it coming-

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actually, it appears that while there is a digest, it’s based on not visiting the forum itself?
there is a setting called “When I post in a topic, set that topic to” which sets it to following by default. I imagine that that combined with “Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics” means e-mails per post.

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I’ll 2n’d Krista’s use feedback.

I am alerted of new posts via email. I found I had issues with my replies to the email not always posting, so I have taken to doing that via my desktop browser.

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I’ve always thought it would be neat if class instructors would make signs for around Generator that plug the forum a bit. For example, training on the laser, plasma cutter, CNC, 3D Printers, etc could entail a demo project where the output is a sign or small plaque with a blurb about the forum and maybe a QR code or something. Eventually each area of the makerspace could have reminders that the community extends to the internet. Incentives to keep project blogs / threads on the forum would be great too.


I’ve personally always wished the pre-class information was on the Forum Wiki- I think the Wiki is something that just needs more love before it’s actually used.