Deadly Dangers of Fractal Wood Burning using a Microwave's transformer

I don’t know if anyone in Generator has considered creating the beautiful fractal-wood patterns you can create with high-voltage electricity, but before you try it, please watch this video.

This YouTube channel usually debunks viral cooking videos from Tictock, YouTube, and elsewhere, but she did a well-researched piece on just how dangerous it is to use the transformer from a Microwave Oven to do fractal wood burning. 34 people in the U.S. had been electrocuted using this method at the time her warning was first posted.

Sadly YouTube initially took the video down saying that it (rather than the deadly how-to videos it was warning about) was a risk to their users. They have since reversed their decision.

There may be safe setups to create these kinds of engravings, but I have not heard about one.