Discourse is going public!

Hey y’all,

I just sent out an email to our member email list, but I’m posting the announcement here for anyone who’s not glued to their inbox:

We’re opening up Discourse to the public!

Read the full announcement and explanation of what the goals of this change are and what you can expect here.

Let me and @RobinLloydMiller know if you have any questions about this!

Is there a way to change our assigned user name so that our real names and associated questions and comments are not publicly available and searchable when the forum is opened up?

Hi Pike-

Good question-

I think that the general idea of whether people’s real names are shown or not is a good thing to determine as a community- I’d like to talk more about it at the next member nite (Next Monday at 6pm- there will be a post)-

I think generally the idea of it being public isn’t that everything on this website shows up on a google search, but rather that people’s logins aren’t tied to membership status only, meaning people can join who aren’t (the public)- in which case they would see it.

As for usernames, there won’t be a way to enforce them or set them the way we have before, so likely it’ll be something you can change- but again it would be great to hear your voice at the next zoom nite-

// Robin

So Update! We’ve phased out SSO (Single Sign On)- and it should be just your discourse account.

There are some other options we have access too:

invite only

All new users must be explicitly invited by trusted users or staff. Public registration is disabled.

login required

Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.

must approve users

Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.

invite code

User must type this code to be allowed account registration, ignored when empty (case-insensitive)

I’ve set “Login Required” to true, but the other options are things we can talk about next Monday.

// Robin


The forum is now open!

We’re waiting to see if any issues crop up – email Robin if you notice anything.

Like I said in the email, please wait to invite people in. We want to make sure everything is working correctly. Once we’re confident, we’ll make a big push to bring in more folks!

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