Discourse limitation? — "Sorry, new users can only put one image in a post"

There appears to be a “single-image-per-post” limitation on my account.

I spent a fair bit of time yesterday evening composing a post with many uploaded images. It all looked good in the “preview” pane, including all the uploaded images. But at the end when I finally clicked “reply” to submit the post, I got the following message:



  • Is this a known limitation of Discourse?
  • Is it intentional?
  • Can it be removed?

I’ve certainly seen other posts involving multiple images. Maybe this is unique to my account? Or an unintended consequence of the move to “go public” with Discourse? Or maybe it’s unique to a “reply” (which is what I had composed) versus a brand new post?

Hoping for some answers here. This seems like an unnecessary and highly inconvenient limitation.


Hi @GraysonKing !

Good feedback!

discourse comes with a lot of settings, and many of the default ones are still set as a result of not having needed to set them yet. It’s a value I can change, and i think besides changing that number (is 10 a good start?) the other thing we need to consider is just what the “concept” of a new user is.

If you still have the draft saved, see if it will allow more now-

// Robin

OK, works fine now…

Thanks @RobinLloydMiller!!

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