Dremel supplies are just about gone

Almost all of the Dremel bits/accessories are gone, and I think we should ask ourselves why that is? Elliott says that the same thing can be said for drill bits - we start with nice complete sets and then they evaporate.

Maybe folks have some ideas about what our community can do about this, if anything? I think an easy thing that might help is to put up some signs reminding folks to return the bits/drills/etc. to their storage containers.

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I think we should also spray paint the ends of the bits with Generator-orange paint? Helps remind that it’s a generator thing and that it has a place- unless that’d add instability to the bit?

I appreciate this and I am sure there is some attrition through various means but we are talking about wear items here. Especially with a Dremel. Heck I go through a Dremel a year let alone bits.

As for marking bits please keep in mind that painting the end of a bit can actually make the tool slip on the chuck or if we were real crazy make it less concentric, so I’d recommend another marking method for bits