Electronics Giveaway!

Howdy Folks!

I’ve gone through and done some significant sorting and cleaning within the electronics lab. This has left me with quite the excess of assorted electronic parts! This is an open call to come in and rummage for parts. They are going to be left at the main enterance just outside the woodshop. There is a large variety of different components and materials that I’m sure could be useful to some of y’all out there. The electronics pile will be donated to Good Point Recycling early in July. They will be able to make sure that they are taken care of properly, so don’t worry too much about what you didn’t take.

So that you can get a rough idea of what is here before you stop in, I put together a rough list of what is in the pile

  • Power Supply Kit
  • 1 Fancy Multimeter Kit and 9 Basic Multimeter Kits
  • 2 Electronic Learning and Circuit Design Training sets
  • Bench power supply
  • Computer power supply
  • A Handful of Motors
  • Many many BeagleBone Capes/fShields
    • Prototyping Cape
    • TTL to RS232 Converter
    • CCB Timing Relay
  • Several types of wire
  • Assorted cables and connectors
  • Tons of LCD Displays
  • A large set of various ICs

This is really only naming a few of what is here. If you are looking for more information about what is here, feel free to ask and I can take a look. Other than that, they should be here for about a week so, good pickings!