Extra usb-c cellphone cable for one of our homeless neighbors?

Hi folks, one of the neighbors I’ve been getting to know (who’s lived a really sad series of events over the last couple years)… yesterday when I was talking to her the old cable for her phone finally broke… (and I’d just buy her a replacement if I weren’t as broke as she is!) (and I only have micro usb cables in my box of wirey gadget things)… and so I wondered if anyone here has an extra USB-C cord you could give her?

Hi Alec.
i think i have an extra packaged usb-c cable on my desk. if its still packaged, its yours, if its not, its one im using.

// R

Hi Robin :slight_smile:
I took a stroll by your desk and couldn’t detect any packaged cables, but maybe you’ll find it when you’re in?
Thanks ~Alec