Forum Conversation: Expanding on Groups

Adding onto this since the last member meeting:

People wanted to add more groups. Groups allow for policy changes (who can access what), group messaging (contacting everyone in a group at once), and group tagging if activated- meaning someone can tag the entire group in a post instead of an individual member, which members of the group will see.

Based on (among other things)- shop heads and Meetups; I think i failed to document that portion of the meeting. What were some groups i can add? What are some groups people would like to utilize?


Movies, Art,


Well a group for every area seems prudent. That way we can precisely notify folks of equipment down or of pertinent changes to an areas policy.

Otherwise why not keep groups fluid in the sense that if a popular enough topic is present that we just form a group around it. So if enough folks are discussing environment it then becomes relevant to have that group. I think a member should be able to request it over time as well. I am not sure making a bunch of non shop groups right aways is a good idea though as it might just add unnecessary clutter.

I guess in the grand scheme of things clutter isnt bad either