Framework is giving out 100 Mainboards to "creators and developers"

I’m a fan of Framework computers, an attempt to make a modular, user-repairable line of computers. I use a Framework laptop as my daily driver. They just announced a program to give away 100 Mainboards (with an i5-1135G7 processor) to people who can do something creative with them. Besides being a replacement or upgrade component for laptops like mine, this can be used as a standalone system. You’d need to add a case, memory power supply, and peripherals like monitor/keyboard/mouse.

Creating something cool with this is beyond my skills, but perhaps someone else at Generator can make use of this.

Mainboard info here:

Github page with 2D and 3D CAD and electrical documentation here:

Application to get one of the boards here:


wowow! It’d be awesome to see if Generator can apply for one directly. I’d be interested in facilitating this if i find the time.

// Robin