Free stuff - studio move out sale

I’ll be cleaning out my studio over the next two weekends and would love to not have to move some of it.

  • Oak 3 drawer file cabinet.
  • Two benches sized just right for studio fun.
  • LED TV, great for digital displays.
  • Many long strips of addressable multicolor WS2801 LEDS and several beefy 5V DC power supplies to make 'em shine. Would love to see these go to a cool art installation.
  • All kinds of misc electronics and maker type stuff.

Put a post it on the big stuff or reply if you’re interested. Feel free to take a gander to see if there is something specific not on this list. I believe I’m in #7 diagonally across from the laser cutters. I’ll be there Saturday, 5/20 to start.

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Hi Eric - I would love to snag the cabinet!
Let me know how much you would like for it :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re moving out !

Would love to grab the Addressable LEDs / 5v DC for some freaky Big Tube sculptures I want to make.

I’d love leds and power supply if any are leftover, I know their history and will absolutely be using them for art installations

The cabinet was gifted to me, so shall it be to you. Furniture like this has made it’s way into several studios over the years.

On LED stuff, there is plenty to share. I’ll be in this weekend to start going through it all.

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Hi Eric- looks like I only just figured out how to respond to the thread! If there are any LEDs left over, please keep me in mind. I am happy to pop in tomorrow. Thanks for your generosity!

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Robin, Jake, and Corrin -

I left the LEDs and power supplies in my studio, and will leave it to you to parse out. The power supplies will need a bit of dismantling as they are all attached to a big board. There are 4 Teensies in the grey box that have connectors wired to take the LED strips if you’re interested. Whatever is left Friday I will find a home for.

The LEDs have a lot of interest, so the sooner the better. I don’t think they will walk away, but you never know :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in the benches - if they are workbenches and not seating benches. If workbenches, what are the dimensions?



Robyn -

I’m going to leave the LEDs in your studio to parse out. I need to be out of mine by tomorrow.