Function Generator, BK Precision 4 MHz

General Info

Make: BK Precision
Model: 4001A
Serial: Serial
Manual: Instruction Manual
Datasheet: Datasheet



The 4001A generates sinusoidal, triangular, ramp, square, and pulse waveforms.
The frequency is settable from 0.5 Hz to 4 MHz. The signal amplitude can be adjusted from 0.2 V to 20 Vpp with no load conditions and 0.1 V to 10 Vpp with a 50 ohm load termination.

The MAIN output has the provision of SYNC output signal (TTL level) when selected.
The sweep generator offers linear or log sweep with variable sweep rate and adjustable sweep width.


Notify shop lead if not functioning properly.

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Supporting Equipment

Tool Type Make / Model / Link
BNC Breakout to Alligator Clips Model CC-21 (accessories tab)
Function Generator Test Leads Set Model TLFG (accessories tab)

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