Fusion 360 help

Haven’t posted to the forum before so let me know if this should be somewhere else. I’m looking for help with learning fusion 360 both taking 2d vector to 3d model and then setting up tool paths for cnc machining. I’m Interested in learning more about two sided machining and the use of fixtures, plus their setup in fusion as well as carving 3d surfaces. I would be happy to trade for branding, marketing or graphic design instruction.

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I would also like to learn fusion 360 (just not for a couple months until I finish taking a creative cloud class).

Do you learn well independently? There are a lot of YouTube tutorials. Or perhaps others may be interested in forming a beginner group to learn Fusion 360 simultaneously? More for motivation and peer accountability. A couple videos each week and checking in to see how we did?

Could someone recommend a successful serious of videos for Fusion 360 geared towards a CNC user?

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I’d highly recommend the NYCNC series of tutorials/videos on YouTube, these two are a good start for the CNC side of your question:


I have been working my way through the auto desk tutorials


and this series is really in-depth but I am working my way up to some of the concepts covered there


A peer group would be helpful. I like learning software from a person rather than videos because it allows me to ask questions on specifics i dont understand. That being said after a few days of playing in the program I’ve got the basics of CAM setup figured out. Super powerful program. Really cool and surprisingly user friendly.


If you have specific 2d/3d modeling questions, I’ll be happy to see if I can help.


Thanks for sharing the links. Learning the CAM side of Fusion has been on my to do list for a while. NYCNC is a great channel, thanks for the reminder!

Thanks Kyle all the videos on the NYCNC site are great.

Thanks Eric, I so Have one specific modeling question. Im working with a 3d model and working through my different tool paths. Theres a part of the model that wont be machineable and I am trying to remove it from the model but cant figure out how to either delete it or fill it in. I attached a screenshot but not sure it will help. There is a hole drilled through the blue face into the channel on the right. I want that hole to go away.If i select the faces and right click for delete i the attached error message


Not sure if I am following. I’d also need to see how your bodies are set up. Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and mayhaps we can set up a time to connect and chat about it in person (or Zoom I am happy to do a screen share). Cheers!