Handmade prints, laser assisted - check out this workshop

Hey Generator Community!
A couple things… I’m Josie, a (semi) new shop lead for rapid prototyping, specifically concerning the lasers (maybe you’ve seen some maintenance updates if you’re a user). Some of you have also seen me around with this funky DIY printing press (now on wheels)! Thanks to the help of some other members, I’ve been able to build and use this press to make prints on paper and hand-printed t-shirts. If you’re curious and want to try it out, or you’d like to expand your knowledge of what’s possible with the lasers, check out this two-day workshop I’m teaching on June 29 and July 6:
I’ll be walking you through the steps to make your own prints using the press from laser-engraved woodblocks. We’ll edit digital files, etch them into wood with the laser, and print them on paper with ink. Postcard size paper will be provided but if you have your own paper or fabric or other material you’d like to try, please bring it:) You will also need to bring your own image (digitally) - line art images with no shading work best, such as a tattoo or coloring book style.
Thanks for reading all this, hope to see you around!

(attached photos are examples of other woodblock prints and a printing process photo)


I did a test run with Maggie the other day and it’s super fun and the prints look amazing!


Heeeeck yeah