Happy new years!

Hope everyone had a good new years eve and day!

What are yall most excited for this year? What kinds of projects are you hoping to do??

PERSONALLLY, I’m super excited to finally finish my arcade cabinet, and i’m also hoping to get back into wood CNC stuff-
I also was super inspired by these raspberry-pi cases I saw on the internet:

(Not made by me; someone on reddit)

And i am super interested in attempting my own-

What ya’ll excited for??

// Robin

Happy new year!
i am excited about the potential of combining cnc media to manifest ideas into physical products, like snakes

and coasters
and especially interactive kinetic analog rhythm sequencers powered by oversized hamster wheels



Cool stuff Dan & Robin! I am working on the continuation of my plastic residency project from this summer. It has morphed into banners about climate issues in the shapes of waves at the Statehouse to make it look like a Rising Tide of concerns & vision & ocean & people to urge our legislators to take climate action as the session kicks off. I hope you all will come out on Saturday 12-12:30 &/or tell some friends!!! Help make a beautiful spectacle for climate action.


Climate Action this Saturday, 12 - 12:30 at the Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier

Rising Tide, Sea Change

Show up for Climate this Saturday, 12 - 12:30 at the Statehouse to demonstrate waves of a Rising Tide, Sea Change. Urge a cleaner, healthier, and more just world for all. Support win-win policies for ‘our environment, our health, our economy, and the future’.

If you are up for it – bring a sign – or make a wave banner.

Yes, masks!
More information below. Have questions – please be in touch!

Please share widely!

To health for all,
Rebecca Schwarz


12 Noon Meet at the base of the walkway to the Vermont Statehouse by State street & the sidewalk

12:05 Grounding in why we are here, comments on the issues & the creative intervention of making waves for a sea change
12:10 Wave experimentations to a Rising Tide, Sea Change sea shanty tune
12:15 Washing up to the Statehouse entrance – practice waves
12:25 Photo & video documentation washing up to the Statehouse entrance. Short video to be sent to legislators and media.
12:30 The waves disperse

Ideas for making a Wave Banner. Cut up plastic packaging materials that would otherwise go in the trash. Write or paint a message such as Climate Activism is Justice, Plastics are a Fracking problem, No more Private Profits-Public Debt, etc. More making tips on my website.

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