Has anyone seen my little mini-paddle?

I accidentally left my roughed-out one-hand auxiliary boat paddle (it’s tiny and looks like a little toy paddle) clamped on one of the benches in the wood shop on yesterday morning. Last night I remembered that I had left it there and I went back to get it. I was missing. Could have been mistaken for a piece of scrap wood, though I didn’t see it in the scrap area either. If you’ve seen it please let me know. Thanks.

oh no! I’ll keep an eye out.

I saw it there on Monday next to the chop saw. I left around 7pm, and the only other person in the shop was Seamus, maybe he knows where it went? Otherwise, it was there all day on Monday.

It’s here! Spotted it in the wood shop Wednesday morning. Propped up on the outlet behind where the belt sander typically lives.

Thanks so much! Got it.