Have a product idea? Want to launch a business around it? JumpStart is back!

Hey y’all,

The announcement is coming tomorrow but I’m giving you all a head start here.

JumpStart is back!

Is you make a product and think you could build a business around it, apply to JumpStart. Eight folks will be selected to receive business mentoring, prototyping assistance, and free membership and tool trainings to Generator for the duration of the program.

I could go on, but the webpage says it all.

Please spread the word!

Learn more and apply here: https://generatorvt.com/jumpstart/!


Hey, does anyone have ideas for where to promote this program?

I’m more plugged into the arts community and JumpStart is slightly more geared towards inventing, engineering, product design, STEM, entrepreneurship, etc., so I’d love some recs for orgs, businesses, and institutions who might have the right audience for this.

Christine - curious if you are the person to ask about a project / business I am currently developing. I don’t think it fits the Jumpstart model but rather ask and hear no rather than “you should have talked with us” a few months down the road. I’m developing my consulting role with the Uzbekistan Ministry of Education, providing professional development in STEM teaching for teachers - and working to develop an IOS / Android app that will serve as a multifaceted resource hub for them. I have my first contract with the US State Dept and can get things off the ground, but am way over my head in terms of business / entrepreneurship and creating something sustainable - I’m a teacher :slight_smile: . Does this even slightly fit the model for Jumpstart?

HI Alan

I would be glad to chat by phone if you would like. Give a call next week.