Heat Treating

Hi all!

The forge in the metal shop has been decommissioned (understandable so), so I am asking around to see if someone knows anyone or is able to heat treat a little knife tang for me. It’s a first-time project/gift, though no particular rush I.e. “has to be done tomorrow”. Thanks in advance!



Hey! I am the bladesmith that built/owns the forge in the metal shop. It’s totally in commission! I’d be happy to show you how to use it some time if you promise to be gentle :slight_smile:


Hey Mats!
I would be thrilled if you’d be willing to show me how to use the forge!
(Sam said that it was no longer being offered as a tool training for safety concerns?)
But, learning how to make blades and other steel tools is high on my priority list, so I would be really super stoked to learn from you!
Let me know what you’re thinking for when/where/etc, my schedule is wide open next week onward. Thank you!

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Sharing knowledge is great and hopefully something that happens a lot at the Generator but keep in mind that getting signed off for independent use on the equipment in the Generator needs to be through the proper channels aka the Generator Staff

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