Help me cut off a piece of metal?

I have a backpacking stove that came with a useless Piezo-electric spark thingy. I disassembled the stove to try to remove it, but the unwanted part seems to bolted or riveted to a critical part of the stove. I wonder if someone who can work in the metal shop would help me by removing the part I don’t want. The result need not be pretty, just not sharp-edged.


  • Russell

Dremel should be able to handle that - no training required.

Thanks, @dennisWoos. Did manage to cut off most of it with the Dremel. @AlexHahl saw me doing that and gave me a quick safety introduction to the grinder in the metal shop, which made quick work of the sharp stubs that were left. Here’s a pic of it, threaded back onto the stove. No more having to avoid touching a useless piece ofhot metal while reaching around a pot of boiling water precariously balanced on top of an isobutane canister!

Thanks, Alex, too!