Help sandblasting a small bike frame

Hello all. I’m helping my son tear down and repaint his dirt jumper bike this winter. It is a chromoly steel frame measuring 30.5" in length and about 13" tall. First, I’m not sure if this will fit in the sandblaster we have at Generator and second wondering if someone is interested in a small side job of sandblasting it for me. I’m willing to trade for a beverage of your choice, cash, or donation to a favorite charity.


Hi Aaron!

Here is the PDF related to the “Abrasive blast cabinet” (TIL It’s called that and not “the sandblaster”)-

Operating instructions are on page 7- and it’s fairly straight forward (Make sure it has no oil residue essentially).

Also- regarding size, it seems like it would fit- 48 in. x 28 in. x 24 in. is the internal space available.

good luck, and i hope that’s helpful!

// Robin

That’s awesome! I remember getting a run through on it during a metals shop training. Thanks.