Help wanted for 3D printing project

Hi there,

I’m a UVM grad student in cellular and molecular biomedical sciences trying to get some parts 3D printed for a project building a microscope and syringe pump. I have .stl design files and no printing experience. I’m looking for someone who might be able to help me print them this week; we are of course able to buy the materials for the project. please let me know if anyone is available and interested in helping,

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Hi Jake, It might help to share some screenshots of the STL renderings to get a better idea of the level of difficulty for the printing needs. Some geometries will require more advanced printing capabilities. I think the images would also help to understand the scope of the project in terms of the number of printing operations and printing hours required.

Good thinking-- overall I need 9 items printed,

The most complex of which is the largest teal part. Everything else is basically a bracket. The design I’m working with is actually open source from the Patcher lab. I have some of the parts already. here is a link to the webpage if you’re interested in more nuts and bolts:


Oh this is really cool! At first glance this looks pretty straightforward to print. So just to clarify, are you a Generator member looking for assistance printing these parts on Generator machines or are you simply looking for somebody to sell you the printed parts?

I haven’t done the Generator certifications to use their printers, but could assist in slicing the STLs (outputting GCODE files) for printing on their machines (I have one of the same machines). Alternatively, I haven’t done commissions for printing before but it’s always been part of my plan so and could get these parts printed for you ASAP if you are interested.

Let me know!

Excellent! I’m really just looking for somebody to sell me the parts so if you’re willing to commission that would be great. Can I send you an email with stl files for the parts I’m missing and you can give me a pricepoint? Would be great if I could get this done asap to get the device running! my e-mail is [email protected]


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I sent you an email :metal:t2: