"How to MakerSpace"

Hello, all.

I vaguely remember seeing an advertisement for a workshop/presentation a while back, that talked about how to start a MakerSpace. I could have just wishfully imagined it, or it could have been in a different state, something I saw when I was zooming around the interwebs.

Does anybody else remember this? Or do you know where I could find information on how to set up a MakerSpace - the legal considerations, the organizational structures, … and of course, how all these toys get paid for?

(Note: I am a delighted member of the Generator, and I am not intending on setting up one in Vermont. Instead, my friend is in Maryland, he’s interested in setting one up, and I told him I would ask around.)

I hope everybody is having good holidays, and (a few days early) Happy New Year to All!

Bill Millios

know this is pretty late, but i do remember something like that- it’s been a couple years though. was it a youtube video or a more abstract medium?

happy new year!

Here is a link to some info. Back near a decade ago the creators of artisan’s asylum helped us out. Not sure how recent this link is.