Hullo from the summer AIR, Ben Aleshire! & project Qs (DLP Projectors? large glass, fabric, stretcher bars)

Hey y’all! Ben Aleshire here, I’m the latest artist-in-residence & wanted to introduce myself & what I’m working on & see if anyone might be able to help me get my hands on a large DLP projector (digital, but not LED).

Basically I’m printing large cyanotype portraits at the moment, onto fabric, and then stretching them like paintings. To do this I’ve been shooting medium format film and then printing enlarged negatives, but I’m hoping to go much larger (and eliminate the need/cost of negatives) by doing long exposures with a digital projector where I’ve removed the UV filter glass. So far I’ve experimented with an NEC VT465, which did work!—but I need a more powerful one in order to go big (it can’t be an LED, because I need real UV light; and it has to be able to connect to a computer).

I’m hoping it might be easy to find one, since institutions, universities, etc are likely upgrading to LED projectors these days, no? Or if not, perhaps someone wouldn’t mind me tinkering with theirs? Basically I’ll take the lamp out and remove the UV filter glass (takes about 10 minutes), so I could certainly put it back in before returning.

Basically I have zero money, so I’m hoping to find alternatives to purchasing them online (I already tried buying a couple and neither of them were useful unfortunately).

Here’s some other stuff I’m always hunting for—and I’m always open to trades and such! For example a cyanotype portrait of your very own…

—large sheets of clear, 1/4" glass (esp 36"x36" and 48"x48")
—fabric (100% cotton, linen, muslin, silk; especially large sheets)
—I pulled a 48"x48" frame out of the dumpster yesterday—if anyone is getting rid of more wooden stretcher bars, or frames, mats, etc in general, def let me know!

Ah & I probably should have left my contact info! I’m at [email protected], and 504.209.4960, either of those is fine :slight_smile: