I need CNC Router Help to build skis!


I just joined. A couple of things I’m into are bicycle framebuilding and ski building. I would like to build some skis. While I can do it all by hand, if i had some help with the CNC router to cut out some patterns (in mdf or plywood) it would make things much easier.

I’d be looking to cut out a shape that’s in the pattern of the ski and one or more profiles to do the camber of the ski. (Depending on how difficult it is, I can always copy the camber profile by hand). Dimensions would probably fit it to a rectangle of 72” x 6”. I can provide a .dxf assume that’s what you need.

In exchange, I’d be happy to help you with building your own skis, or can help with bike building (or just plain maintenance) or if none of those bartering opens are attractive to anyone, I also have money.

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. Thanks for looking!


Hey Scott. Shoot me an email! [email protected]


Also just checked out your website, Casey. Very nice!