Illustrator/SVG for GlowForge help

Hey folks!

I’m relatively new to laser cutting. We have a GlowForge at my school and I have created some designs in Adobe Illustrator that I’d like to engrave. Unfortunately, I’m running into some issues when it comes to uploading my SVG file to the GlowForge.

Despite the fact that the design contains just two distinct colors, the GlowForge interface keeps breaking my design into eight different object groups (and has also added a couple of lines that don’t exist in the design at all!). If I export as a PNG and upload, I get a single object (as you would expect). If I create a PDF from a completely flattened version of the design, it still breaks the design into the same eight objects once uploaded to GlowForge.

I am stumped. I wondered if someone out there with more knowledge than me might be willing to take a look at my AI file and see if you can sort out what might be causing my design to behave so oddly when uploaded to GlowForge. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to give it a shot!

(This forum won’t allow me to attach an .AI file, so I will have to email it to anyone who is willing to help)

I can take a look at the file.
Maybe text me to make sure I see it:
[email protected]