Impact wrench?

Does anyone know if there is an impact wrench in some shop - e.g. metal shop? Thanks!

There are impact drivers about. If you check in the socket drawer of the orange toolbox in the metal shop you may find a bit that connects sockets to the 1/4" hex of the driver.


My battery impact driver isn’t budging the bolts that I need to remove, and I assume that an air impact wrench packs a lot more wallop? Like what an auto repair place would use.

Ya ha. I you are still looking to loosen things up tomorrow evening I can swing by with an impact wrench. If you have the space a breaker bar or socket wrench with a tube slid over the handle for extra leverage may work. Let me know.


Thanks - I’ll let you know. We are trying to remove 4 machine screws that require a 5/32 hex bit, and they aren’t budging at all. I think that they are less likely to strip out if we hit them hard and fast, e.g. impact wrench. Worse case we drill and remove the heads, etc. The more I think on it the more certain I am that I have seen a pneumatic impact wrench somewhere at generator?!

5/32 sounds awful small to have all that much torque on it. If the bolts are clean, lacking oxidation, I would suspect loctite. If loctite is used heat will help break the loctite down

Unfortunately applying heat didn’t have any effect. Fletcher - can you bring the impact wrench this evening? Thanks!