Is there a guide for how to do certain volunteer tasks?

Is there any documentation for certain shift tasks?
The ones I’d like more clarification on is cleaning up wood shop and the welding/metal shop, since i haven’t used or am trained on those. Is there a more specific list? some of the things i don’t know how to do includes “return tools to their proper place”- which i don’t have knowledge of.


Hey Robin,

We don’t have more specific guides to those shops. I will work on getting some photos of tools properly in place and post on here.

As you know, the shops are always shifting, especially the wood shop with the new CNC.

We’ll try to keep you all up to date as much as possible.

Thanks for asking.


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Thanks Jon! I started a wiki page to keep that information, so just put them up there? or Maybe it’s time to make wiki pages for the shops thrmselves?

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@RobinLloydMiller let me know if you do. I had some tracking lists and Maintenance stuff I started a ways back that might be good to add to these sop specific pages.

you’re welcome to start them as well!