Laser 1(the big one) temporarily offline

Hi all,

Unfortunately until we upgrade our exhaust system to adequately vent both lasers we will only be able to run Laser 2 and Laser 3 in the flex space. If you are going to cut acrylic, please do it on Laser 3, and please do check the calendar to make sure there are no conflicting events.

I apologize for the inconvenience that I know this will cause to some of our members.

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Is there a rough estimate when Laser 1 will be back? Are we talking a week? A month? Longer?

Hey Joanne,

We don’t have an exact timeline yet, and won’t know for sure until the contractors get back to us, but I would plan on at least a month and possibly longer. Once we hear back and choose a company to go with, we’ll have a better understanding of our timeline and be able to let the community know.

I have meetings with New England Air and with Vermont mechanical on Tuesday to discuss their solutions and quotes.


-Mason Merriam
Director of Facilities and Operations

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