Laser 2 not working as expected

@EricRoy Laser 2 wasn’t vectoring properly this am - not vectoring 1/4" plywood with settings that have worked in the past, or corrugated cardboard with settings that, if not optimal should have at least caused a small fire. I left the cardboard with settings I used on top of the laser.

Next question (and I’m embarrassed I don’t know the answer) are we filling out incident reports online (if so where?) or on paper (same question).


Hi Brook!

Thanks for the update! Incident reports are in the membership portal on the website: here:


Thank you Robin!

I believe I have laser 2 up and running again.

That said I have been using 40watt epilogs for the past 5 years and didn’t have the 60watt settings / expectations level set.

I think it was a lense alignment issue… Causing less power to hit the surface.

I took the lense out of the carriage and cleaned it (although it looks like Brook did that as part of her trouble shooting).

I felt an incredible I’m out of resistance as I attempted to reseat the lens. so did a deep clean of the inner workings of the carriage. I was met with less resistance although it’s still a pretty tight fit and had to push it firmly so that it’s seated against the back of the carriage.

After that all of my tests came out good, but I was using crappy plywood scraps and some dog-eared cardboard as my testers.

if folks continue to have problems with this machine please let me know and I will take another pass out at ASAP!

My thanks to Brooke and Robin for helping me get this on my radar and for sharing the link to the incident reports.

As I mentioned to Brooke and Robin, in addition to filling out the incident report when a tool is acting up… Please also shoot a message to the community like Brooke did so we’re aware that the machine is having trouble.


Thanks Eric

What might be nifty is if our incident report mechanizm can be configured to auto generate a message on the forum?


Great suggestion Gary. I’ll explore this as I learn more about systems integration!