Let’s work together!

Good afternoon everyone; I’m typing today not as a volunteer, but as a member using the space in general. I’ve been noticing today; and recently (with the past few months), that the Woodshop and metal shops are often dirty with debris, and that the work tables are crowded with tools and parts of people’s projects. It has not been impossible for me to work on my own projects, but I am finding the little messes I see hard to work around….and with metal dust - I wonder just how safe that is to be lying around. It probably probably does not leave a good impression on our guests abs new members.
This is, of course, a community space. I have made it a regular practice to clean up any dust I produce, and to put away the tools I use when I finish a project for the day. I’m certainly not saying I’m better than anyone else; I’m just stating that this habit of mine is a sure-fire way to maintain a community space, and to make things nice for the next person. Let’s work together to make this space the best it can be. (I’m also available for working together on member builds - want something wood-burned? I’m your man)!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Holiday Season.