Lets Keep the Woodshop Rockin'; We're All Members in that Band

Good evening everyone - I just wanted to put out a plea to everyone to help keep the Wood Shop looking tidy. We can do this collectively by cleaning up after our own projects in there. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of sawdust buildup on the tools, the tables, and floor. It is a woodshop after-all, and wood when it’s worked with makes sawdust, but it does not take too long to sweep off the tool you are using when you are done with it. There is always a sturdy brush and a dustpan in there on top of the wood bins - old fashioned tools are the best sometimes! This is something we can all do to help minimize dust for those of us who might have allergies. Of course we’re all wearing masks because of COVID, but sawdust is sneaky, and can still boogie its way up our nostrils making us sneeze.
Apologies for the long post - I’m done now. Let’s all do our part to clean after ourselves so that it’s not all up to the volunteers.
All the best,