Lil' Lockers (Lost and Found)

Howdy Folks,

Elliott is building a new Safety Station in the Great Hall between the lavatories. Unfortunatly it means we are removing the little lockers that used to live there.

There were a few lockers that didn’t have names on them who were full of stuff. I am attaching pix of the items. Let me know ([email protected]) if these belong to you and I’ll pull it aside and leave it by my desk for you to pick up.

Since the rest of the renovation is moving full speed ahead, space is at a premium right now. I think we plan to hold onto this stuff for only a couple of weeks before we dispose of it to make space for some of the other projects we are working on.

Acrylic Paints (Bigh tube of white and a couple sleeves of variety packs)
Bag o’ Brushes (look new… or well cared for)
Bags o’ Bones (and Antlers?)

Steel Wool
Carpenters Square
Box o’ Feathers & Findings
Axe Head
Misc. Wood and Acrylic scrap