Loads of facility updates - keycard, HVAC closures, & more!

Hey y’all,

Those of you who read Generator’s emails have been bombarded over the past week with facility updates.

We’re sorry to clog your inbox, but there’s a lot going on and some of the action requires temporary closures. We want to make sure you can plan your work time at Generator around these interruptions.

Those of you who do not read your emails… first of all, you’re missing out on some great GIFs curated by me and Elliott. Second of all, we do our best to communicate through other channels (like this forum) but we’re moving fast and it’s not always easy!

I added a link to all of our recent Generator emails under the Communications tab in the Member Portal, so if you’re ever feeling in the dark about what’s going on you can check out our recent news and communications there.

Here are our latest updates about:

Thanks for rolling with the punches, y’all.

Hello Christine,

I have a question about the Covid screening that does not seem to be covered on the update link in your email. What are the current screening questions? Specifically, are we still asked if we have been to someone’s house, or had friends over to our house, in the past 14 days. I ask because I want to use the laser in late January, and need to know if I can’t visit or have guests for two weeks beforehand. We are social with a neighboring couple who are covid-careful, like us.

-Bill Gottesman



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