Looking for a cheap or free pc

Anyone have a pc they are looking to get rid of? Figured I would post here before buying one off eBay. Doesn’t need to have hard drive or OS Cheap or free. $50 or less. Thanks.


I have an old laptop that I was planning to bring to the solid waste center for disposal, and you are welcome to have it instead. Email me at [email protected].

Thanks Keith. I didn’t specify above but I’m actually looking for a desktop. Don’t need a monitor or anything.

Casey… I have an old Mac Pro Tower sitting in my closet that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of. You’re welcome to that if it fills your needs.

Thanks Greg, I’m not positive the Mac will work but I’m happy to take it off your hands and give it a try! Would you be able to bring it by tomorrow?

Sure thing… I’ll bring it in early and leave it outside the outreach office.

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Casey, if it be doesn’t work for your purposes, I may be interested, depending on the age. I have an (unfortunate for my tiny apartment) hobby of refurbishing late-PPC/early-intel Macs :sweat_smile:

I have an old sff pc that was recently retired from being the family pc and now lives in the basement. Would be happy to pass it on for free if it would be of use.

I will gladly pass it on to you if it isn’t going to work for me or if I find something better suited to my needs.

Thanks! Before I have you go through the hassle of bringing it by or coming to get it do you know the model/ any of the specs on it?

I have to confirm when I get home, but I think this is it.

The mac pro is going to be a little too old for my project. I popped it in my studio. You are welcome to grab it.

Thanks for bringing that in Greg. Its not quite going to work from me I’ve let @jakintosh know he’s welcome to grab it from my studio

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Sorry it didn’t work out, but thank you for giving me the push I needed to get that out of my closet :slight_smile:

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Cool! Thanks. Might be a busy weekend for me and I may not make it in, so if you want you can drop it in my studio to get it out of your way. Mine is number 4 (i think?), by the front entrance.

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Casey, you still looking for a pc? I have one with the HD removed. Latitude 7480 with I7 processor.
If that works I can drop it off at the generator for you

Thanks Gary, I ended up picking up a Dell Optiplex 3020. Im making a little “cheap” gaming computer for my son and so far its been a fun project. Updated fans, hard drive, ram and graphics card. I’m looking into building a wooden case for it as the case its in now is a little beat up and a wooden case sounds like a fun project for the cnc/laser.

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I also wanted to jump in and say I’m stoked about this old Mac Pro @igmaino and @Casey! It’s a 2008 model, the perfect vintage for me. I’ve been collecting and refurbishing a lot of those very early intel macs (2006-2009), but this is my first tower model; it will be a lot of fun to clean it up and see what kind of other vintage parts I can get working with it. I’ve been mostly restoring old laptops that don’t have much room for different parts.