Looking for a linocut printer or similar


I am experimenting with making some lino-cut or woodcut type things with a CNC machine.

I’d like to make prints from this - the type of prints where you roll out the ink, lay on the thick paper, and then it presses in and you peel it back and voila, there’s this amazing inked print on the paper.

Does anybody have, or know where I can access (with experienced assistance) one of those roller presses or something similar?

Thanks for any leads!


I’m not exactly sure what you’re envisioning but this sounds at least somewhat related to gel press print making. For christmas this year I gifted my wife a “Gel Press Monoprinting Print Plate” and a rubber roller after seeing this cool art style on YouTube. It seems like the affordable hobbyist / introductory version of the more industrial printing press machines you often see.

Hope this helps!

The type of press I’m envisioning look like this:

Or they have a swing/lever arm like this:

You can also research hand burnished printmaking. For single or small batch production this is an effective, low cost option.

Wouldn’t BCA have this in their printmaking studio?
Actually, any college that offers printmaking should have this.